Can Optimism Help you in the Workplace?

Trying to find happiness in the workplace can be difficult. There are many questions you may likely ask yourself each day, such as; should you work for yourself? Should you try to get a promotion? Do you need to be more demanding or less demanding in the office? Is it time to look for something new? Am I really that important here?

The decisions you make at work will be based on your personality, your ability, and your values. In addition, your emotions will come into play. This is important to consider because being optimistic (or pessimistic for that matter) will effect your emotions.

Optimist versus Pessimist in the Workplace

When it comes to determining your work environment, there are different outlooks that can be taken. You can choose to be optimistic about what is going on or you can be pessimistic about it. Here is an example of something that may come up in the workplace and how a pessimist and an optimist may handle each.

One argument in today’s world stems around technology and its effect on the job market. An optimist may take the outlook that while technology may eliminate some jobs, these jobs will be replaced by new jobs, some of which have not even been envisioned yet. A pessimist may feel that most of the new products made today are software and there are unlimited copies that can be made without many employees, which will decrease the number of jobs that are available.

As you can see the pessimist is thinking the worst. He thinks that jobs will be depleted by the growth of technology while the optimist points out that technology can actually help to create new jobs in the market. It is really all about the outlook you take on the situation.

Improving the Workplace Environment

Not only can being optimistic about the future help you see a different point of view about the future, it can also improve your current situation. When considering your office you may think about all that needs to be done to improve it. If you think positively about the changes that need to be made it can help improve your attitude about it, which will improve the environment overall. Positive thoughts tend to lead to positive actions, which is why being an optimist at work can lead to your overall happiness with your job.