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Choose Happiness


Choose Happiness: Take an Optimistic Outlook on Life Do you tend to dwell on the negatives of every situation? Are you a glass half empty kind of person? If you are a pessimist chances are you are not happy in life very often. You probably find a reason to be upset about everything that happens […]

Are the Benefits of Optimism Real?


We have all been around that one person who always seems to find the positive in every situation. These people are optimists. They tend to look at the big picture for every decision that they make and always find the good even when everything seems to be negative in their lives. It turns out that […]

Are You an Optimist, Pessimist, or Realist?


Everyone has a different personality. This is what makes the world go round. When it comes to how you look at things or what kind of outcome you expect, people tend to fall into one of three categories: optimist, pessimist, or realist. An optimist will typically make lemons into lemonade. This means that they see […]

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