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Do you need a way to generate traffic that really can be done for free?

Let's face it, there are a ton of ways to generate traffic out there.

Unfortunately, most all of them cost a fortune to even test and becoming profitable with paid advertising is even more expensive.

Other so called free traffic methods require either hundreds of hours of work or thousands a month in outsourcing costs.

Neither of these scenarios is all that attractive so what can you do?

You are going to learn of my private discovery that has allowed me to easily generate tons of free traffic and boost the rankings of my sites using Squidoo!

Monday 10th of August
From The Desk Of Big Dog
Full Time Internet Marketer

You want traffic.

You don't want to pay out the nose for it.

The solution is using social media and web 2.0 web properties to gain exposure for both your business and your affiliate links.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of Web 2.0 properties out there and even more spammers hitting them so deciding which way to turn can be difficult.

The good news is that you don't need to use a bunch of different sites and you don't need to worry about insane amounts of competition.

Squidoo is the only site that you need and in this letter you are going to learn how to use it for maximum effect!

Squidoo The Undisputed

Web 2.0 King!

If you don't know what Squidoo actually is, let me give you the short breakdown...

Squidoo is a site that allows anyone to create what is called a "lens." A lens is simply a simple blog type web site. It's free and you don't have to know HTML or any programming to do it.

Pretty simple right?

Squidoo also has cool built in features such as the ability to add affiliate links to site like eBay, Amazon, and other big companies as well as the ability for people to comment on your lens.

There is also a voting system that users engage in which gives your lens or web site a rating that users can easily see. This lets anyone who visits your lens know what kind of time and quality that you have put into it.

This is only a small sampling of the features and functionality of Squidoo. As you can see, there is a lot of opportunity for networking, connecting, search engine rankings as well as traffic generation with Squidoo!

Squidoo has proven itself as a web property which has weathered the storm of here today, gone tomorrow web sites.

Squidoo is here to stay!

Why Utilizing Social Media And Web 2.0 Properties Is Not Only Important But REQUIRED If You hope to succeed online!

There's no doubt that you are highly familiar with all of the Web 2.0 properties out there. There certainly are a lot of them.

Many of the sites you see hit the scene with a bang end up fizzing out after a few short months. This means that if you were using them to promote your business, you get short term results that fade out and all of your hard work is wasted!cd image

So what's the solution?

You need to use a site that is well established, backed by a solid company and that is on track for both longevity AND growth.

Squidoo is the perfect match for a site that will allow you to build a long term income and traffic building tool!

With Squidoo, if you build a quality lens (web site), you will receive a quality amount of traffic that you can monetize or direct to other web sites!

Best of all, Squidoo has no fees, no credit card requirements and no hoops to jump through.

You don't even need a domain name or a hosting account to use Squidoo to build your own online presence!

Piggyback On The PR Of Squidoo And Build A Highly Ranked Lens (Web site) That will generate income, traffic, and leads forever!

Sure, Squidoo's strength as a company is an excellent factor to think of when choosing a site to help promote your business or build income.

Surprisingly, that is NOT the number one benefit to using Squidoo!

The most powerful benefit of using Squidoo is the extremely high weight that they have with search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

Because Squidoo has been around so long and have demonstrated that they are committed to quality, the search engines have given them considerably more search engine ranking.

So how exactly does this affect you and why should you care?

Because you are building a site ON the Squidoo web site, you automatically get a bit of a boost in the search engines versus starting up a new domain name and web site yourself!

That means that what normally would have taken months to get noticed in search engines like google can now be accomplished in just a few hours.

This is because Google, Yahoo!, and MSN are constantly crawling the Squidoo web site to check for updates, additions, and new lenses (web sites).

Because of this hotbed of activity from the search engines, your lens will be in direct line of sight of all of the major search engines!

When your lens is discovered, your content is being analyzed on the premise of being on "Squidoo" not just some other place on the web which gives your site a better rank.

Turning Squidoo Visitors Into Cash Is As Easy As Pointing, Clicking & Submitting!

It's obvious that Squidoo gives you a huge advantage when it comes to getting a site up quickly and getting it notice d by the search engines.

The traffic that you get to your lens can easily be converted in 2 important things...

1) Affiliate Commission - By implementing the affiliate links that Squidoo lets you place on your lens, you can generate direct affiliate commission by linking to products on sites such as eBay and! This is an easy way to generate cash without having a web site!

2) Traffic - You can funnel traffic from your Squidoo lens to your web site which may sell a product or service by linking within your lens and lens content.

These two factors give you an extra income stream as well as an extra stream of highly qualified traffic.

Squidoo is the ultimate free tool for generating massive business exposure... you will bring tons more traffic to your business!

Think of Squidoo as a publicist that you don't have to pay. You setup your lens, make periodic updates and additions and your lens gives you exposure.

You don't have to pay an employee and you don't have to pay a fortune to submit press releases to high priced press services.

Your lens already has all the pull with Google that you need, you just need to get your lens up so that the search engines can rank it!

Best of all, once your lens is up, it takes very little maintenance on your part to keep your rankings not only where they are but growing!

Make small additions to your lens every few days so that when the search engines come and check it out, they see new content. New content is what makes the search engines absolutely LOVE your site.

Where People Go EXTREMELY Wrong With Squidoo...

I'm about to tell you a mistake that fully 95% of the people that start a lens on Squidoo make so listen up...

Many people setup a lens in quick shot, extremely low quality fashion.

This means that they steal content from other people, load up their lens with garbage content and do nothing but try to "game" Squidoo.

By trying to do as little work as possible without focusing on quality, you are setting yourself up for guaranteed failure.

This is why Squidoo implemented the rating system. If your lens sucks, frankly, your visitors are going to vote it.

Lower lens quality means that Squidoo will rank your lens lower on their site which means that Google and other search engines will as well.

The ranking trickle down the ranks from Squidoo internally to Google and then to the other search engines online.

The Secrets To Major Squidoo, Google & SE Success!

In order to create a Squidoo lens that is successful you need to focus on creating a quality lens.

Of course, content alone isn't nearly enough o make a lens highly successful simply because of all the competition.

There are however a few secrets that you can implement with your lens that will give you a major advantage over anyone else creating a lens around your subject matter.

This means that your lens will get all of the exposure form both Squidoo and Google because it's ranked higher than other lenses!

I am going to show you all of my little secrets that you can implement in just seconds each as well as cool ways for building content, building rank to your page and monetizing your traffic!

Traffic, Leads, Sales Oh my!
Gaining Massive Exposure From Squidoo!

Squidoo Lens genius...

Gain exposure for your business, build traffic, get more leads and truly master your strategy in Internet Marketing using Squidoo starting today!

Squidoo Lens Genius is a two hour video system that will show you everything you need to know to make money and generate traffic with your Squidoo lens.

You'll learn the secrets to fast, effective setup that builds a quality lens that visitors and Squidoo love and rank highly.

You'll learn secrets to back linking and search engine optimization that really get your lanes noticed fast and get you major traffic.

You will also learn how to monetize your lens and turn it into unlimited amounts of free traffic and income!

As you know, Squidoo is an excellent way to generate exposure, traffic, leads, and a true boost in every financial area of your business.

There are thousands of people out there who have built a quality Squidoo lens that have benefited in really bottom line dollars each month.

In order to really make Squidoo work for you, you need to know how to setup your lens properly from the beginning.

You also need to know all of the secret tricks to making your Squidoo lens much more noticeable, user friendly, and "rank" friendly.

Having this knowledge will ensure that your lens gets all of the exposure that it deserves and much more. Of course this exposure also means more exposure for you, your business, and your products and services!

Here's What Squidoo Lens Genius Reveals...

Just some of the goodies that you'll go over in the Squidoo Lens Genius video seminar...

Watch A Sample Video To Get Started!


Are you ready to start generate exposure for your business?

Getting exposure in your business doesn't have to be a complicated affair if you know how to use Squidoo the most efficient way possible.

If you know the tricks to make Squidoo love your lens and send you traffic which boosts your search engine rankings, you're well on your way to increasing your income.

Squidoo will give bring you income thorough affiliate monetization, traffic through traffic funneling, and leads from that traffic.

You deserve more traffic and exposure, don't you?

Stop worrying about the "next" way you are going to generate business.

With The Squidoo Lens Genius video seminar, you are going to learn how to create long term, easily maintained way to promote your business.

Squidoo gives you income, traffic, and leads without having to spend one red cent on setup, maintenance, or promotion.

You can't really as for a better deal than that in this highly commercialized and extremely expensive online marketing environment!

The best part of the Squidoo Lens Genius Video Seminar is the price. For about the cost of a tank of gas, you get the entire system. No tricks, continuity programs, or trial programs.

$27 and you have everything you need to get your lens online tonight and REALLY pulling in visitors. You won't believe how easy this is.

Go ahead and grab the videos for less than the cost of a night on the town and start on your own road to financial freedom!

You're Fully Backed By Our 60 Day Hassle-Free Guarantee!

Grab Squidoo Lens Genius and give it a whirl. If you can't realistically go through the course and get your lens online and live within a few hours, I want you to have your money back. To extend on that, even if you do get your lens up tonight and want to a guarantee of success...Test out the system, see how many affiliate sales you make and how much traffic you get. If you aren't extremely satisfied with the results of your Squidoo Lens after 60 days, shoot me an e-mail and let me know. I'll happily refund every cent of your purchase and let you keep all of the bonuses to profit from forever. Either way, you win. It doesn't get much more satisfying than that.

So act now and don't put this off any longer. Because to put it bluntly: you are not the only person reading this letter now. Your would-be competitors are too. And you know the problem with saturated competition? You just wished you'd act sooner.

YES! Let Me Secure My Copy Now!

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